Draw Lab

Observational Drawing for 11-16yr olds

Draw Lab is a place to focus on the experimental drawing process - the different methods we might use to make a drawing of something - to free up ideas and broaden the ways of representing what we see.

There will be fun, warm-up drawing exercises to try out different methods, which can be implemented in further drawings during the session and then back at home, to enrich personal drawing practice. At the end of each session, we will discuss the drawings we’ve made and develop our skills of objective analysis in a supportive group. If students would like to, they can share images of their work from the session on Instagram using the hashtag #caraghsdrawlab.

Drawing materials will be provided: Paper, pencils, charcoal, chalk and erasers.

Sessions info:

(Week 1) 04/09/21 14:00 ~ 16:00: Perception, Conception and Touch We will discuss the difference between perception and conception, and the role our brain plays in how we make a drawing to represent something. We'll consider how we might 'know' an object through our sense of touch, and how we might establish a sense of touch in our drawing.

(Week 2) 11/09/21 14:00 ~ 16:00: Drawing Using Line We will look at different ways to make a drawing using line: considering line weight; outline; internal & cross contour line; multiple lines; layering/composite linear images.

(Week 3) 18/09/21 14:00 ~ 16:00: The Tonal Approach – avoiding outline We will look at drawing using tonal massing and undertake drawings avoiding using outlines. We’ll learn about keying a drawing; blocking in shapes; working from general to specific; making a drawing considering ambiguity and the viewer’s input; additive and subtractive drawing using erasers on a charcoal ground.

(Week 4) 25/09/21 14:00 ~ 16:00: Measurement & Alignment, and ways to approach the ‘Long Drawing’ – Still Life We will take a look at how to make measurements when drawing, and how useful alignment lines can be in establishing spatial relationships within a drawing. We'll finish with looking at how we might set about drawing from a large still life set up: considering composition/selective framing; stylistic choice/intent when building a drawing over a longer period of time.

The sessions seek to build confidence in creating a drawn image through experimentation, and to encourage an awareness of the benefits of observational drawing: of its capacity to develop creativity, and to strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They build towards the student learning how to establish the intention of their drawing, and how they might communicate that. The overall focus is to engage with the process of drawing as a way of looking and thinking, and the enjoyment and progress that can be achieved with this approach.

Sessions can be booked either individually - £16 each, or at a reduced price for all 4 booked together - £56. Bookings must be made in advance of the session/s - payment can be made in advance, or by cash on the day.

Location: The Art Space at Cass Art, Kingston (1st Floor)

Age range: 11 – 16yrs

Bookings: email booking@caraghsavage.co.uk or click here for Booking Request Form

Booking Terms & Conditions: click here

Caragh Savage (MA Drawing) is a prize-winning and shortlisted artist who specialises in drawing. Her first degree in sculpture also informs an interest in the manipulation and resonance of materials, and in the interplay between 2D and 3D representation. She has tutored adults of all ages and levels of experience in Life Drawing, and is keen to deliver the same discussion of drawing concepts and variety of drawing approaches to a younger age group.

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